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MEDELA Pump In Style Backpack Double Breast Pump


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Medela's Pump In Style Double Electric Pump is discreetly integrated into a self-contained, attractive backpack that packs up quickly. Pump In Style is designed for frequent daily use and helps you maintain your milk supply, ensuring that your baby receives the life enhancing benefits of breast milk for as long as you choose.
Pump In Style Features & Benefits
Discreet and Portable: Pump In Style is discreetly integrated into a self-contained, attractive tote bag or backpack that packs up quickly for moms on the go.
Store every drop: Pump In Style comes with everything you need to pump, feed, and safely store your precious breast milk
Safe for Mom and Baby: All parts that touch breast milk are made without BPA, DEHP and other phthalates
More milk in less time: with 2-Phase Expression technology and double-pumping
1 x Calma nipple
4 x 150ml bottles with lids (BPA-free)
2 x PersonalFit Breast Shields (standard size 24mm)
1 x cooler bag with ice pack
1 x attractive and practical black tote bag or backpack
1 x Medela breastfeeding accessories pack ($40 value)

An excellent breast pump for busy moms
Daily use - double-electric breastpump:
Designed for moms who pump several times a day
Single knob speed/vacuum adjustments: For comfortable pump settings
Removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack: Holds 4 breastmilk bottles and ice pack to keep breast milk bottles cool
All parts that touch breast milk are made without BPA: Safe for you and your baby
2-Phase Expression technology:
Thanks to Medela's 2-Phase Expression technology the breast pump simulates your baby's natural sucking behaviour at the breast and feels very comfortable to use. The 2-Phase Expression starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm until your milk starts to flow. It then changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk. The simple up/down buttons allow you to control the vacuum strength to suit your comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best.

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