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MEDELA Pump In Style Tote Bag Double Breast Pump


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Pump In Style is Medela's tried and trusted solution, offering you outstanding performance. This reliable and robust pump comes nestled inside a tote or backpack for easy transportation and storage.
Medela's Pump In Style Double Electric Pump is discreetly integrated into a self-contained, attractive tote bag or backpack that packs up quickly.
Pump In Style is designed for frequent daily use and helps you maintain your milk supply, ensuring that your baby receives the life enhancing benefits of breast milk for as long as you choose.
This portable, high-tech & easy to use pump features Medela's patented 2-Phase Expression technology, scientifically proven to produce more milk in less time. Spend less time pumping and more time on what matters!
Comes with Medela'sCalma nipple, scientifically proven to make switching from breast to Calma and back a breeze.
This all-in-one solution includes everything you need to pump, store & feed your baby. All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA, DEHP and other phthalates.
1 x Calma nipple
4 x 150ml bottles with lids (BPA-free)
2 x Personal Fit breast shields (Standard size 24mm)
1 x cooler bag with ice pack
1 x attractive & practical carrying Tote Bag or Backpack
1 x Medela breastfeeding accessories pack ($40 value)
Why is Medela's patented 2-Phase Expression technology important? Research shows that babies feed with two distinct phases.
Stimulation phase - when babies first go to breast, they suck faster to start the milk flowing.
Expression phase - after milk flow or "let-down" starts, babies breastfeed with a slower, deeper suck to remove milk.
By mimicking this behavior, Medela's patented 2-Phase Expression technology is proven to produce more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase.
For hygienic reasons, breast pumps cannot be returned once opened. This is a single user product. Use by more than one person may present a health risk, affects performance, and voids the warranty.

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