Are you expecting twins? Top 10 essentials to be well prepared.

Are you expecting twins? Top 10 essentials to be well prepared.

Here you are, It’s your first ultrasound.
You’re lying on your back, your belly is covered with a cold gel, and you’re following the screen attentively trying to discover anything between the grayish shadows that are being drawn. Surprise! It’s not one, but TWO little babies who are growing in your belly. You’re having twins!
After taking the hit, a ton of questions come to your head, including the following questions:
How to manage to keep yourself equipped adequately to receive your little angels without ruining your bank account?
The answer is: Focus on the essentials!
Here’s the top 10 must-haves to get is you are expecting twins.

The essentials for twins.

Despite what you might fear, it’s not necessary at all to buy everything in double. After saving, prioritize the products that will make life easier for you.

The following products are must-haves that you can hardly live without if you have twins or multiples.

1)A double stroller

This is the first purchase you should think of. a must when you go out, whether it’s for errands or a walk.

Choose a model according to the space available in your car trunk and your daily needs, such as stairwells or a rather narrow front door.

The double Piroet of Peg Perego, for example, will allow you easy access to the restrained areas due to the placement of its sets like a train.  You will love it because it’s practical and because of its proficiency provided by the many configurations possible.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin proposes a model where seats are placed side by side.

You will be able to easily reach your two twins and the ecological fabrics of the latter, made from 100% recycled
PET, will appeal to parents who care about the environment.

2) Two car seats  (Check our blog: Tips for Finding the Perfect Car Seat)

For the car of course.

3) Two cribs

It’s much more secure for your twins to sleep separately. Get two different beds and all the necessary for each, the appropriate mattresses and bedding in sufficient quantities.

Later on, you can create the perfect space for your twins by following these pieces of advice on how to design your
kids’ room.

4) A baby carrier

Minimum one, ideally two for the occasions where you’ll be accompanied by the father (check out our blog: Why are fathers important) or another person.  They are especially useful when you’re alone taking care of your babies.

Be careful with the double bay carriers, be sure you’re choosing a model that will distribute the twins’ load evenly on your body. It’s also recommended to opt for carrying scarves and follow a small training to know the proper way to use
them in your particular case. This will prevent you from crippling your back prematurely.

5) Two baby bouncers or swings

Your best friend to help you calm your crying twins. Also when the time comes to feed them at the same time. I have to remind you that you have only one pair of hands. Eventually and as they grow up, you’ll have to get two high chairs, choose
them easy to clean, you’ll be happy with them.

Expecting twins: the must-haves

6) Clothes

There is no need to prepare a phenomenal quantity of clothes. Focus on the essentials But take into consideration that overflowing layers and regurgitations may occur rather frequently in the first few months.

For each baby:

  • 6 pajamas
  • 6 sets
  • 2 beanies
  • 3-4 pair of socks
  • 3 pairs of mittens to protect them from scratches. Here, the little socks can equally do the job, they will hold the scratched
    just as well.
  • One coat for the cold weather
  • A good dozen of baby bibs. Useful not only for feeding but also when you’re cute babies are teething. Hello, little dripping mouths.

As for the size of clothes, it all depends on the weight of your newborns. You probably know that there’s a certain margin of error for the approximations your doctor will give you. This will be the biggest mystery when you hold them in your arms.
Consequently, it better to predict that your twins will be very small, as it’s mostly the case with multiple pregnancies.

Then you can get for each of them:

  • 2 sets for premature size
  • 2 sets for newborn size
  • The rest of it for the size of 1 month old.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of clothes that you will receive will be no doubt for 3 months old plus

7) A large Playard

It’s not irreplaceable but VERY useful for your little pumpkins to play together safely. Especially when they start crawling everywhere
in the house and you only have two legs to run after them

8) A large playmat

As mentioned before, your twins will need a lot more space to play together and develop.

Economic option for the playing mat: spread their toys on a large blanket that you lay on a foam mat.

On the other hand, a humble personal opinion: I do not recommend to use alone the very popular foam mats with young babies.
Of course, it still depends on the children, but my daughter has tried to slaughter his own by taking it for a goat.

9) Large diaper bags

As a mother of twins, you’ll have a lot of things to carry. Prepare yourself with a backpack for more freedom of movement or a large diaper bag.

And last but not least when we expect twins or twins:

10) Baby bottles

Plan a minimum of 6 baby bottles with the accessories required for each, such as replacement nipples, as well as two bottle warmers
(a bonus item in our list of top 10 essentials for twins).

While it is feasible to heat the bottles in a bowl of hot water (the use of the microwave is not recommended), the bottle warmer can be much
faster and convenient to temper both portions. same time. Your hungry twins, as well as your ears, will thank you for it.

Expecting twins: For the future

It is not always easy to care for two babies at the same time. Even fewer triplets, if you have drawn the winning number.

These few essential items for twins will make your life a lot easier and will quickly become your best allies. For the rest, you will adjust by time.

You can always buy second hand or borrow some stuff from friends and family with older children.

Ultimately, never feel guilty about asking for help. Do not be shy. You will need it.

From now on, you will probably be doubly tired, you will doubly love, but you will receive just as much.