Baby Safety: Keep Your Baby Safe Inside and Out

Baby Safety: Keep Your Baby Safe Inside and Out

There’s no two ways about it: Once that little human being emerges into the big bright world, we
mothers feel an instant serge of protectiveness for them. Some might call it instinct, but whatever it is,
baby safety and keeping our little ones safe from harm is paramount when it comes to parenting.

From travel (by foot or vehicle) to feeding time to sleeping, keeping your baby safe inside and out might
seem like a harrowing task, but we’re here to tell you it’s not. And there is a plethora of product out
there to help you keep little one safe and happy, all hours of the day and during all activities.

Baby safety: Household Items

It’s funny; I never saw our house as dangerous in any way until our son was born. At first, it was ensuring the temperature was ideal in his room while he slept. This is a stressful thing to worry about, especially with our sometimes extreme cold and hot temperatures. However, investing in a video monitor system for your little one’s room that also doubles as a temperature monitor (like the Motorola-Smart Nursery Wifi Video system), will put your mind at ease while baby sleeps – and also stop you from wanting to walk into the room and check the temperature every 5 minutes because you can do it right from your smartphone.

Once your baby becomes more mobile, it’s extremely important to baby-proof all the things. All of them. Because babies will touch, pull, poke, and try to eat everything. Even pets. Yup.

So, to keep baby from getting into drawers, cupboards, and even into the toilet – because, yes, they will try – there are plenty of magnet locks, cabinet locks, and even window guards. These simple devices will ensure your exploring baby and then toddler can safely roam the house without you having to watch their every move.

There are also door stoppers that can save little fingers from being crushed, as well as softer plastic corner covers for coffee tables to stop those nasty bumps when your baby starts cruising and then eventually walking. Because it always seems, no matter what, that tables are at precisely the right height to catch your baby right in the noggin when they start to walk!

Of course, safety gates are a necessary investment when it comes to keeping your child safe when you’re at home.

Keep Baby Safe: Sleeping

Here’s something I never really thought about until I attended a few pre-natal classes provided by my local family clinic: Sleeping babies are extremely delicate. They are not at all like adults or even children.
They need to have their internal temperature regulated. They need to be at the right incline in order to breathe correctly, and they need to be monitored and comfortable at all times.

When it comes down to it; your baby’s temperature is the most important thing when it comes to keeping your baby safe.

So, it’s important to consider breathable bumpers for your crib, as this will keep your baby from getting caught in the crib but also allow fresh air to circulate. Adding blankets and pillows to your little one’s crib is also a huge no-no, so swaddling blankets and sleep sacks are a must. This means your baby will be kept warm and comfortable without the risk of smothering with lots of extra blankets and pillows. So both mom and wee one will have a peaceful, safe night.

Baby safety: Travel

We’ve covered thins in choosing the ideal stroller and even in must-have items for your soon-to-be-born baby, but investing in a proper safe, comfortable travel system for your baby is key. Your baby will spend a great deal of time in his/her car seat, as well as in his/her stroller, and you will spend just as much time lifting, folding and unfolding, and pushing the stroller. So you really need to take the time to choose the perfect one for your baby, your budget, and your lifestyle. Take the time to find the right one. Trust me, it’s worth it.

From change table straps to child leashes; there are so many other safety items you can purchase for your little one to keep them as safe as they can be. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the attentive and loving parents. Even if you don’t have the cupboard locks or the breathable bumpers or the edge covers for your tables, but you’re a vigilant parent and keep your child safe from harm because you are always there, you’ve done your job (and then some) as a parent.

Keep ‘em smiling, and keep ‘em healthy. You’re doing an amazing job.