6 Fascinating Facts About Spring Babies

6 Fascinating Facts About Spring Babies

Babies born at any time of the year are adorable, but spring babies have a special kind of cuteness attached to them. Think spring flowers and blossoming, new growth, warmer weather and all the sunshine you could hope for. How could spring babies not be special given all the things that happen when the seasons change from winter blues to bright spring hues? 

6 – Spring babies tend to have “Fewer Allergies”

While the season of growth and rebirth might be hell for you as you suffer through pollen and whatever else is floating around in the air this time of year, for babies born in this vibrant season, they stand a good chance of never suffering from seasonal allergies. A study conducted by the University of South Hampton in the UK found that there was a much higher risk of allergies, asthma, and eczema in children born in the fall; however, children spring babies had the least risk for developing any allergy symptoms.

5 –Spring babies are “Destined to be a Boss”

If you’re hoping your little one is going to climb to the top of the corporate ladder,
then you might want to plan to have him or her show up in March or April. Seems
babies born in those two months are more likely to rise to the top as CEOs or more in their careers.  Jcx 


4 –Lowered Neurological Disease Risk

Not only do spring babies have a lower risk of developing allergies, but they also are at a much lower risk for developing neurological disorders. It’s not really clear why, but researchers have found that babies born in March rarely develop neurological issues later on in life. Why is that? Researchers aren’t quite sure, but it might have something to do with the environmental factors that also contribute to a decrease in developing allergies, as well.

3 –Creativity Abounds

Maybe it’s the change in season that brings about the spring baby creativity, as the animals emerge from hibernation and all the flowers and plants start growing,
colors abound and the world comes back to life; whatever it is, spring babies have a higher likelihood to embark in a creative profession and spend their lives being creative, especially if they’re born in March.

2 – Fascinating Fact About Spring Babies: Night Owls Unite

Sorry moms, but turns out spring babies are more likely to spend their nights raging
instead of sleeping. I mean, let’s be honest; babies never really sleep in general, but
it seems, according to research, babies born in spring and early summer tend to fall
asleep much later. However, we can offer a bit of solace: Seems no matter what

season girls are born in, they still sleep the same; it’s the spring boys who want to
pull all-nighters. You’ve been warned…

1 – The Sky is the Limit

If your spring baby doesn’t rise through the ranks in the office, it seems they’ll still
rise up … but through the clouds, instead. According to a study, babies born in March
are more likely to become pilots later on in life than babies born in any other month.
Of course, babies born in any month are destined to be amazing and have the world
at their fingers tips from the moment they first open their eyes and greet you, mom.
All we can do is help them grown, flourish, and excel in whatever makes them happy
and will keep that smile on their wee little faces.