Spring Trend Alert: Baby Nursery

Spring Trend Alert: Baby Nursery

As we emerge from the dredges of winter, for some of you, there’s more to look
forward to than just spring flowers and warmer temperatures. Some are expecting little ones to appear in the coming months, and that means spring cleaning that transforms into spring nesting and preparing the ultimate baby nursery.

So, we’re here to let you in on some of the hottest spring trends for baby furniture
and baby room ideas.

Nursery Décor: Modern and Grown Up Furniture

Gone are the days of Disney characters, all-white furniture, and bright colours for
your baby nursery decoration needs. Instead of Mickey Mouse and rainbows, the
current spring trend for your baby’s new living space is muted pastels and neutral
tones with elements drawn from nature and the world around your new baby.

Exposed and distressed wood is popular for all the rooms in your home, including
your baby’s nursery. The Natart Nest Matisse collection is the perfect example of a perfectly modern spring baby nursery furniture set that combines clean, crisp lines with distressed barn-like wood to add a rustic, natural touch that instantly softens he feel of the space. Available in either white or autumn walnut, this nursery furniture set is the ideal starting point to your baby’s nursery décor.

With a crib that converts to a toddler bed, the Nest Matisse collection is mature
enough to grow and transition with your child while still providing a whimsical
retreat for your little one. 

Nursery Décor: Bold Prints and Artwork

Don’t worry; you won’t have to suddenly become a professional painter for this
baby nursery spring trend. Bold prints and designs can easily be added to your
child’s room via wall decals and wallpaper.

Consider geometric shapes in muted natural tones like moss green, teal, ochre, lilac and powder blue. Patterns that can grow with your child, like arrows, the ever-popular line-drawn cardinal points or even Asian-inspired Kolkata block designs that can be used to create a gorgeous accent wall in your baby’s living space.

If you prefer the look of framed artwork for your child’s room, then you’re headed
down the right design path as motivational quotes, and simple sweet images are a huge 2019 spring trend for you baby nursery. This is also a great way to decorate in a gender-neutral way if you choose not to learn the sex of your baby.

The three-set motivational quote set from Attitudes Import offers not only words to live by for your wee one, but also the perfect combination of natural elements with light-wood framing and foliage painted matting.

Choosing a pattern to dress your baby nursery walls instead of Paw Patrol
characters will mean less work for you down the road, as your child is sure to grow out of their childhood fascinations faster than you can keep up with the next big trend online. Spring trends can transition into summer sass and fabulous fall looks if you keep your baby nursery classic and concise.

Nursery Décor: Neutral Bedding Sets

On point for your baby’s nursery spring trend decorations are neutral-toned,
geometric patterned bedding sets for the crib. Take the Libellule orange and grey set that perfectly illustrates how modern, sophisticated styles are the hottest trend in baby nursery bedding from spring 2019.

A character-free bedding set will also transition well for your little one as they
mature and transition from crib to toddler bed; but don’t be afraid to add a bit of
flair and whimsy to the room’s décor with accent pillows for the crib and nursing
chair. Stars are hugely popular this spring for baby nursery decoration ideas, and
the Lorena Canals star cushions aren’t only comfortable, they’re super on-point
trend-wise, too, and available in a host of neutral tones that will work with any
colour palette you choose to drape your baby’s room with.

Nursery Décor: Make it Welcoming

When it comes time to put that final touch on your baby nursery decoration ideas,
the main spring trend for 2019 really comes down to this: Is the room welcoming,
comfortable, relaxing and inviting? If it’s all those things, you can be sure you and
your little one will enjoy many wonderful moments in there together. From reading
nooks to princess canopies to building zones, your baby’s room can be as unique as they are; and can remain stylish and trendy for years to come if you follow the above 2019 spring trend baby nursery ideas.