What does a Greengard Gold Certification Mean?

What does a Greengard Gold Certification Mean?

Have you heard the term GreenGuard Gold  Certified? Are you familiar with that small white and green logo but are unsure what it means? We are here to help!

greenguard gold certified

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification guarantee that the product has met some of the world’s most strict and comprehensive rules for for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. This helps buyers to identify the products that have low chemical emissions, thereby improving the quality of air in which the products are used and contributing to a better and cleaner environment.

This is especially important as the demand for greener, more sustainable and more environment friendly products is increasing.

The VOCs from furnishings are a big source of indoor air pollution. The indoor air quality strongly affects our health, and is therefore an important concern for home environments, especially for parents seeking to buy new furniture for their newborns. The Greengard Gold Certification therefore helps you in choosing products that are trusted to be low-emitting and clean.

Kido Bébé has a wide selection of GreenGuard Gold Certified products. Our furniture collection from Natart are ones that we love! Their GreenGuard Gold Certification assures parents that their children are sleeping in a clean low-emitting environment.

Do you have GreenGuard Gold Certified furniture at home? Are you planning on taking the next step in being a more responsible and eco-friendly consumer? Share your opinion with us below!