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First day at work after the maternity leave

First day at work after the maternity leave

First day at work after the maternity leave? Here’s how to get prepared!
It’s not always easy to cut to the cord and embrace the new routine of a “working mom”
It’s even harder to confront your first day at work after the maternity leave. Here are some pieces of advice to make you more prepared for this day!

The maternity leave at Quebec

The generous maternity leave at Quebec has allowed you to take care of your new little treasure. During this period, your world completely turned around him.

You passed the majority of our time cuddling, taking care and comforting your baby. You embraced your new role as a mother with its ups and downs. Even
if you were lucky enough to go out with adults without having to breastfeed in public (Literally) or fall asleep on your plate!

But here you are! your precious leave has just ended and you’re crying even more than your baby for just thinking about it.

Whether you were able to profit from this prolonged version of maternity leave at Quebec or not, it’s more likely (and normal) to be a little nervous about taking
this new step; Especially if it’s for the first time.

So here are 8 pieces of advice to help you overcome easier the first day at work after the maternity leave.

1. Take care of yourself before that day.

Take a visit to your hairdresser. Buy new clothes or a pair of shoes to refresh the “wonder woman” inside you. A lipstick.  Why not a new lunch box? It’s as simple as that.

The goal is to take care of yourself while surrounding yourself with the things you love and make you feel good. You will feel yourself more confident to attack your first
day back at work!

As for me, I got myself a beautiful cup for coffee. Because coffee will become the new elixir of life that you cannot do without; Especially during your first weeks of  work
after the maternity leave.  And as long as you have something two millimeters from your eyes all day, as long as it looks good.

2.The key to preparation:

The night before the big day, prepare all that you need:

  • Your outfit
  • Your lunch
  • Your baby’s clothes (Including Winter clothes in cold weather)
  • The nursery bag
  • Get your bag ready
  • A small kit for makeup retouch (In case you’re a waitress)
  • Deodorant, Brush, and toothpaste. It may happen that you forget these steps (Real story)
  • Your keys and keychain.
  • Refuel

There is nothing worse to add to the stress of a first day than to wonder that morning if we can put ourselves on the back to try to camouflage a muffin top recalcitrant
post-maternity leave. Even worse if you have to move the whole house to find lost keys while managing a baby.

By following these bits of advice, you will eliminate the useless stress and you’ll be good on your feet for your first day at work after the maternity leave.

3. Make use of your freezer

Prepare your supper the day before so that you don’t have to cook when you’re back.

You will not have any desire, nor energy, to throw yourself into the cauldrons at the end of your first day at work. Moreover, a hungry child is an open door for a crisis, I know it!

With supper ready, you will only have to heat up and serve. It’s as simple as that. Then, you can profit with these precious minutes to cuddle your child who you’ve missed a lot!
This would be your reward after returning from your first day at work after the maternity leave.

You will realize very quickly that your best friend (after coffee) is the freezer. Prepare then several plates in advance and freeze them when possible. Later on, this trick will make
your suppers during the week so much easier.

4. Get early in the morning!

As a parent, we know well that the unforeseen always comes at the worst moments.

An uncooperative kid, missing shoes, a sudden urge to poop while that cherub is already wrapped up in his snowsuit… With children, things do not happen always as planned.
In consequence, plan your morning logistics with extra minutes in advance to start smoothly your first day at work after the maternity leave.  Not in the race to arrive on time.

Also take the time to prepare yourself alone, in calm, before the children wake up!

And do not forget to put your dial!

5. Offer yourself a small treat on the way to work

Having a long route ahead to work? Take advantage to offer yourself a little treat, a tasty pastry for example. Read a book in the public transportation., sip a good coffee or Listen
to your favorite playlist on the way!

Consider this moment a privilege. This could be the only moment of the day to have a few minutes one-to-one with yourself! Use it to refocus yourself to start your first day of
work after your maternity leave.

This will also help you live your reunion with the traffic.

6. Take it easy!

Plan a meeting with your manager a few weeks earlier, before your return. You can discuss your new tasks if there are any, as well as his expectations and yours. This way, you will
know what to expect starting from the first day of your return.

Be conscious that you just had months of doing “gougou-gaga” for your baby. It is normal that your professional experience becomes significantly rusty. Leave yourself some time
to be familiar with your files. Do not try to do everything on your first day back.

Reconnect with your work colleagues and be informed with the changes that have happened during your absence.

Also, be aware of your new life rhythm. Even if you’re an expert in your field, from now on you’re a mother with all that implies. This means less sleep, and more responsibilities,
It’s also very normal to be less performing. Adjusting to your new life routine won’t happen in a day.

7. Photos of your baby

If your job allows it, bring a nice frame to put your little love’s most beautiful photo.

When I returned, I made my daughter’s portrait a wallpaper on my computer. She reminds me all the time why I am here., not only for myself but also for her. Seeing her smile
helps me go through my day at work when the motivation lacks.

Then your colleagues will definitely admire the pretty face of your baby.

8. Give yourself the right to live your emotions

We are very lucky to be able to enjoy a long maternity leave in Quebec. But it is sometimes (often) difficult to mourn this period lived almost in symbiosis with our child. Even if
by bits it was not only rainbows and unicorns.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one tearing it up in your mother’s little heart. Give yourself the right to live these emotions.

There are great chances that you ruin your makeup while depositing baby to the daycare service the first day of work after your maternity leave. Take a few minutes before arriving
at work to redo your makeup. And if in the middle of the day you feel like crying, the bathroom is an excellent escape to let go of some tears.

Look for support next to other mothers who are living you same challenge. It greatly helps to feel understood.

In some time, you will be ready for this new step. You will have your own tricks, and you & your babies will be alright.

On top of all that, breath. It will go just fine.

And remind yourself, you will be always a good mother.