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Who we are...

How do 20 000 products dedicated to children 0-12 years make a difference? At Kido, we are proud to provide parents with the widest selection of products because we believe that the first step towards a smart purchase is to have the ability to compare.  It gives you the opportunity to touch and see a wide range of furniture, decorative accessories, bedding, strollers, car seats and more. From bibs to armoires, our goal is to provide everything you can think of for your family.

How we think...

We offer choice, yes...but we are always carefully selecting our products keeping in mind three important things: quality...of course, good value...without any doubt, and...we pay attention to the changing needs of today's families. This is why we are always looking for new products, innovative and bright solutions to facilitate your lives. Come and see what others do not have...

Why Kido

An incomparable choice, this is one good thing, but we also believe that service and information is the extra value parents are looking for when they visit our stores.

We are very proud of our staff with their passion and knowledge that they provide to all new and experienced parents that visit Kido.

First-time baby? What an exciting time! And possibly, a time filled with so many questions. Trust us to guide you through all the necessary steps to prepare, inform and equip you for the arrival of your new baby!

Even as an experiences parent...every stage your child goes through, there are always many questions. What is the best car seat to protect my child? Now that my child is walking, how do I keep them secure from accidents in my home? Let our team at Kido guide you through it all!

Come and see the difference!

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