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6 Products to Simplify Motherhood

6 Products to Simplify Motherhood

So much about motherhood is overwhelming from the physical changes our bodies go through to the fact that we have to keep a tiny human being alive and healthy and entertained on a daily basis, as well as try to maintain some semblance of an adult existence in society… the pressure is real.

Best products to make your motherhood easier

When it comes to simplifying motherhood and making your mommy life a little
easier, I discovered some of the best products out there are actually the simplest – and no, you don’t need it all.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed (there’s that word again) by the masses of baby
products available out there. I remember trying to pick the right bottle for my
unborn baby, standing there in front of the bottle-feeding section looking at literally hundreds of different shapes/sizes/brands feeling like a complete failure already for not knowing which to choose. And how did I finally make the decision? I chose the bottle and nipple that, to me, looked the closest to my own breast and nipple. Yup. And you know what? My boy never had an issue using them, so my rather mad method seemed to work.

How to choose the right products for you?

So, how do you choose the right products to simplify motherhood? Well, first it’s
important to know the types of things you absolutely shouldn’t live without as a

1.Diaper bag:

Sure, you could use an old handbag or even a backpack, but having tried both those methods I soon discovered that there’s a reason there are so many different varieties of diaper bags out there, and why they exist. They are specifically designed to hold bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks, and even your own wallet and cell phone as well as a changing pad, all in individual compartments to keep things as organized as possible (something you are definitely going to want to try and do). And the best part: The inside of almost all diaper bags (good ones at least) can be cleaned out and they are spill- and waterproof. And double bonus: A bag like the JJCOLE Diaper Bag looks like a stylish purse instead of a mommy diaper bag which is guaranteed to simplify motherhood.

2.Wipes/Small rags:

This might seem like an obvious product to have on you at all times, but I cannot stress enough how important it these wash cloths are and how grateful you’ll be to have these on you at all times. Even now (and my son is 7 years old now), I always have wipes and a rag of some sort in every single bag/purse I own. The best way to keep wet wipes moist is to invest in a wipe carrier (soft ones take up less room) and just refill as necessary. Sticky messes be gone!

3.Activity Chair:

You will never understand the importance of a simple baby rocker chair until you
are three days deep in mommy filth because you haven’t had a chance to shower yet.
The baby bouncer chair will be your saving grace when baby is awake, but you still want to get to those basic life needs met. The Stokke Steps bouncer chair will
undoubtedly simplify motherhood, and also means you can even workout (I laughed a little when I wrote that, too, but just putting the idea out there), cook meals, fold laundry; all while your baby is secure and enjoying life in the best baby bouncer right beside you.

4.Formula Mixer:

If you decide you want to formula feed your baby – and let me just
say: that’s perfectly fine and you are not doing your baby a disservice if you do –
mixing formula in a bottle isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Trust me, I did it.
Clumps and air bubbles and getting the right measurements at 1am… then 3am …
then 5am and so on is no easy task. So, when a product arrives that takes all that new-mom stress away and mixes your formula and even removes air bubbles etc. for you; I say go for it! This baby Brezza formula mixer is perfect to make your motherhood easier.

5.Sleep sack/bag:

OK, let me tell you something, mother to mother: You want your child to sleep well. Always. Be it at nap time, during the night, in the stroller, in the
car; any time your child closes its eyes and wants to sleep you want to make sure
he/she stays that way. And don’t believe all the nonsense that you need to keep your child awake in order to make them sleep their nights. Sleep begets sleep: ALWAYS.

That being said, ensuring your little bundle stays warm and covered once they’re no longer being swaddled is sometimes difficult. Babies move, a lot. My son’s sleep sack was a saving grace for us, because it kept him warm and covered without constricting him. If you want to ease your worried mom brain about baby doing their nights, it’s well worth the investment for one of these. This sleep bag is extra soft with silky fabric, it also absorbs and evaporates humidity so it becomes comfortable for your little one in all temperatures.

6. A good stroller you can easily lift and that fits in all locations:

When I went to look for my not-yet-born son’s stroller it was almost harder than looking for a new car. Again, the options seem endless. And the features are just as endless and are they really necessary? Do you need a charger for your iPhone? Cup holders for you and baby? Or just baby? And what about foldability? You might not think it’s important, but I suggest you fold and unfold any stroller you’re considering purchasing.

Also, once it’s folded, ensure you can life the stroller on your own.
Imagine being stuck in a parking lot sans help unable to life your 40lb stroller into
the car properly? There are heavy ones out there, so you need to make sure it fits with you and your lifestyle. And you also need to consider that your stroller is going to be in some potentially tight-fitting situations. That’s why UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller was a perfect choice. You need this kind of efficient and easy to handle stroller to make your motherhood easier. It also converts into a double stroller adaptable with car seats and bassinet. It is one of the best strollers for baby and toddler.

Simplify Motherhood to the Max

These really are the top items you, as an expectant mother, should have as a bare minimum in your motherhood arsenal. Honestly, there is so much out there; and when my own mother tells me my bassinet used to be either a laundry hamper or a drawer pulled out of the dresser and placed on the floor with a blanket it in, I wonder how spoiled are we really making our children … and also, if I (and many others) survived on so little, why do we need so much these days with kids? 

The simple answer is: It helps make things easier on us as parents now. And no, like I said above, you do not need it all. But it’s well worth it to invest in the basics, and those basics will help ease your time with baby and let you focus on the more important things like those first smiles, words and steps.